My sincere and full apologies for the inconvenience. The whole round-about route is to discourage excessive amounts of spam and what could be called none other than hate mail by those who, for whatever the reason, seem adamantly opposed to the Dharma and any suggestion in the path toward Enlightenment.

You are welcome to write, but please be advised the Wanderling is often in transit, usually without email or computer access. Designates may respond to your query in lieu, however.

Always type in the subject line in capital letters AWAKENING 101 with a space between AWAKENING and 101.

NOTE: Since AWAKENING 101 has shut down the "101 Team" of designates has dispersed. It has been brought to my attention that a good portion if not all of their sites have gone down and emails often go unanswered over long periods or not at all. See link to Staff List below.

So said, if I, the Wanderling, remain valid and active during 2015 the below e-mail contact for the Wanderling as found in the red box below will remain valid and active for 2015 as well.

Bowing in deference,

the Wanderling



To read some of the emails I receive, many falling into the fairly scathing category, others more pleasing, please go to:


So too, there is a complete list of the Wanderling's associates, email addresses, web pages, etc., that can be found by going to AWAKENING 101s old STAFF PAGE

As to the subject of donations, for those of you who may be interested in doing so as it applies to the greatfulness of my works, I invariably suggest any funds be directed toward THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT and/or THE AMERICAN RED CROSS.