The online version of C.R. Rajamani's works found in Laxmi Narain's book titled FACE TO FACE WITH SRI RAMANA MAHARSHI: Enchanting and Uplifting Reminiscences of 202 Persons, Number 179, page 384 (linked below), stemmed originally from a speech given by Rajamani at the April 25, 1998 Aradhana program at Arunachala Ashrama, New York, NY. It has appeared many times in many forms on the net over the years most notedly as found under the title Awakens the Child of Theosophists --- albeit, not the original title.

The original version first appeared over 20 years ago in the official newsletter of the Arunachala Ashrama. At that time it was published under the title "The Grace That Brooks No Barriers" in the May/June 1998 (Vol 8 - No. 3) issue of The Maharshi following the aforementioned Saturday, April 25, 1998, "Sri Ramana Maharshi's 48th Mahanirvana Observance" at the New York Arunachala Ashrama, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi Center.[1]

It showed up again some 20 years ago or so rather nondiscriptly June 7, 2000 titled "The Boy and the Sage" in the Yahoo Group called NondualitySalon - Nonduality: The Varieties of Expression. Found in Message #34951, it was presented basically for NondualitySalon group members only rather than for general consumption and posted by one Harsha, AKA Harsh K. Luthar, PhD, stating the author of the article so presented was one Sri C. R. Rajamani. Sometime shortly thereafter the contents therein were brought to my attention having been forwarded to me by a reader of the message familiar with some aspects of my early background.[2]


"Harsha," as mentioned above, is the screen-name, handle, or nom de plume of Harsh K. Luthar, PhD, a very well-liked, well respected, and brilliant member of the spiritual community. Among other things he is most known as the editor of Harsha Satsangh. Dr Luthar apparently became privy to Rajamani's article through the newsletter. In the opening paragraph of both the newsletter and Luthar's version the following is found:

The author of this article, Sri C. R. Rajamani, presented the following talk at the April 25, 1998 Aradhana program at Arunachala Ashrama in New York City. He and his wife were visiting their son, Dr. C. R. Ramakrishnan, of Stony Brook, NY.

The first published source, The Maharshi newsletter, is edited by Dennis Hartel and Dr. Anil K. Sharma. What seems to be what happened is that one, the other or both, that is Hartel and Sharma --- or possibly even Dr Luthar --- personally attended the April 25, 1998 talk and heard what Rajamani presented, and/or had close alliances in some fashion with those in attendence, that then allowed the information to flow to Hartel or Sharma first hand. From there Rajamani's verbal presentation before the Aradhana group was transcribed and edited into the written word, without further credit, to appear, as stated above, in the group's official organ THE MAHARSHI: May/June 1998 (Vol 8 - No. 3).

In addition to the appearance of the article that linked you through to this page, the article has also appeared at two other official sources associated with NonDuality sites besides the Yahoo Group: the no longer linkable NonDuality Salon Highlights #371 and Nondual Daily Nugget, Archive 8, both repeats of the original and both attributed to Harsha and thus then through him to Rajamani. The article can be found under the title "I Will Always Be With You" at Arunachala-Ramana and shows up again in Ramana Maharshi Stories and Teachings, Collection 3 with no source cited, albeit with Rajamani listed as the author --- only now appearing under the title "Awakens the Child of Theosophists" --- the same title I used for my page (again, refer to Footnote [1]).

Well known, well respected, and typically well researched chronicler of things Ramana, David Godman, in his blog Arunachala and Sri Ramana Maharshi, dated Thursday, July 3, 2008, uses the Stories of Ramana Maharshi, Collection 3 version of the article somewhat verbatim, for reasons presented in paragraphs below. In any of the versions above, and especially so in the so recent presentation by Godman on his blog, there is no mention of WHO the young boy as mentioned by Rajamani IS (i.e., as presented in the Last American Darshan). There is, however, one important change --- no mention of the boy's nationality. It had been edited out. The original version of The Last American Darshan that created the dispute regarding the nationality controversy, first appeared on my old GeoCities site sometime in the years 2006/2007. By the time Godman's July 3, 2008 blog was published any mention of the boy's (or the parents) nationality had been removed.

In his blog Godman mentions that the well received book compiled and edited by the most respected Professor Laxmi Narain entitled "Face to Face with Sri Ramana Maharshi, Enchanting and Uplifting Reminiscences of 160 persons" (Sri Ramana Kendram, 2005) is currently in the process of being revised with forty never before included face-to-face meetings with Ramana being added.[3]

So said, Narain forwarded the forty additional reminiscences he is including in the forthcoming edition of the book to Godman. Godman then, in his blog, includes, among others, the section by Rajamani that Narain is publishing in the revised edition. Although Rajamani is cited as the author, no mention of the original title or the original source is brought forth. Again, and most importantly, it should be pointed out that the main point I cite and reference in my works as being inaccurate in Rajamani's reminiscences, the boy's nationality, has been removed from the text as well.

You can see for yourself the aforemention deletion or correction in "real life" by going to the PDF online version of Laxmi Narain's book. Refer to Number 179, page 384, C.R. Rajamani

Enchanting and Uplifting Reminiscences of 202 Persons

C. R. Rajamani himself has remained somewhat elusive. It is known he and his wife returned to India following his presentation. It has been rumored that Sri Rajamani passed away shortly after his return to India.

To see the web page of Rajamani's son, Dr. C. R. Ramakrishnan, of Stony Brook, NY, cited in the quote above, click HERE.

For a free and complete online PDF version of the Face To Face With Sri Ramana Maharishi book, please click HERE.

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People have asked me over and over, in that the article was first published under the title "The Grace That Brooks No Barriers," why on earth did I use the title "Awakens the Child of Theosophists" as the title --- especially since it wasn't the original title and in reality I wasn't remotely a child of Theosophists? The primary reason I used it is because by the time the article using the Theosophists was brought to my attention it had been on the internet under that title at least since December of 2005. Previously I had just linked to the original Maharshi Newsletter site for a referenence to my readers. However, because of a variety of continuing questions, I put my own verison of the article online --- with added comments and footnotes --- but still using the original title, which I then linked to from my works. By the time my version of the article (with added comments and footnotes and using the original title) began showing up on my old and now long defunct GeoCities site, the other version had already become well entrenched in internet search engines under the, albeit suspect, Theosophists title. Wanting those people so interested in the subject to be either directed to my article or at least become aware it existed so they could make a comparison between the two sources, I decided to use the already extant Theosophists title as the lead --- then put the original title (as well as it's secondary title) underneath with a link to the original source.



In the above I write:

"Sometime shortly thereafter the contents therein were brought to my attention having been forwarded to me by a reader of the message familar with some aspects of my early background."

In the Last American Darshan, refering to the contents of the three letters sent to my father from India regarding me being in India and written by the couple so designated in Rajamani's article Awakens the Child of Theosophists, cited above, I write:

"All were written (the three letters) with an apparent preordained assumption of understanding by my father, but seemed highly cryptic to me because at the time of my reading of the letters I had very little to no real background knowledge relating to any of the circumstances contained therein."

My uncle, unbeknownst to me until after his death, had possession of the letters from at least 1972.(see) He died in 1989. Sometime after his death I became privy to the letters and their content. However, as I mention in the quote above, the letters, all written by hand and done so apparently by the woman member of the couple, were highly cryptic. At the time I read them I had little or no REAL background knowledge of the circumstances. Is was NOT until Rajamani's article was brought to my attention as printed in the Yahoo group dated June 7, 2000 under the title "Boy and the Sage" was I fully able to make any sense of the letters, their content, and how they applied to me.


For the fate of the letters, that is what happened to them and where they are now, especially so the three letters from India, I present the following as found in the min text ofThe Liverpool Letters, previously cited:

My uncle and his son were not close. However, although I am not familiar with the particulars surrounding heirs and those who would have been in line for legal receipt of my uncle's effects, it appears the bulk of it either went to his son --- or his son, being the closest bloodline survivor --- simply took it. The thing is, my uncle's ex-wife (the second of three wives, a curandera) showed up on his son's doorstep saying she had the right to any inheritance. My uncle died in 1989 and prior to his death, even though he and I crossed paths many, many times since 1968 it had been at least ten years since I had seen or heard of his wife. Matter of fact, I didn't even know she was still alive, let alone in the picture. The following is what is written about her from the source so cited:

"He was married to a Native American woman thought to be a powerful curandera that was held in awe by most that came within her presence. Tall and straight-backed, with perfect posture and beautiful skin, instead of taking steps she appeared to almost glide when she walked. People were reluctant to sit near her table and the help was afraid to serve her. Some said they had seen a glass of water slide across the table to her hand without her even moving her arm."(source)

My cousin detested his father's second wife. According to what has come down to me, while my uncle and his first wife, my cousin's mother, were still married and thought by my cousin --- then in his childhood --- still a happy mother and father couple, my uncle began spending more and more time with the curandera, a liaison that eventually led to a separation, then in divorce from his first wife. My uncle was married a third time as well, but it was never made clear if he ever really married his second wife or if they did, if they ever divorced.

I never met my uncle's first wife that I recall nor his third, but, from the time I first met his second wife as a young boy up until the time I knew her on a more regular basis --- roughly from 1968 through to 1978 --- my uncle maintained not much more than a loosely related association with her and was, for all practical purposes, separated if not divorced. Although he seemed to hang out a lot with her, the woman he was loosely separated from was a Native American of the Little Shell Plains Ojibwe and a Fourth Level Midewiwin, a super-secret Ojibwe Medicine Society. The first time I recall meeting her it was in passing, and for the most part she never payed much attention to me one way or the other, although I sensed something very "different" about her. She reminded me of a lightning or thunderstorm raging in the distant mountains. You only felt safe because you weren't there, although you knew if you were, the storm had the power to wash you away or destroy you by the might of it all. Although personally long disassociated from the tribe for reasons not known, as a fourth level Midewiwin my uncle's wife was still a powerful curandera in the tradition of La Catalina, and like la Catalina, as mentioned above, held in awe by most that came within her presence.(see)

When I requested the information regarding the postmark dates on the letters from India my cousin told me his father's ex-wife showed up at the door basically out of nowhere demanding what she considered her due. When he laughed in her face and refused, telling her to get off the porch and off his property, he woke up three days later laying face down naked in the rocks and sand of a wadi miles from his house. When he returned home he discovered the place was trashed like a tornado had torn through each of the rooms. Heavy stuff like chairs and dressers were scattered all over both inside and outside the house, with lighter stuff such as clothes and papers found as far away as a mile in circumference from the house. It took him weeks to gather up and straighten out the place. In the process he discovered a lot of stuff missing, mainly with no rhyme nor reason, but it wasn't until he went looking for the letters specifically that he found that they were unaccounted for.


THE MEETING: An Untold Story of Sri Ramana is not only not included among the forty new additions, to my knowledge, to this point in time, it was never even considered for inclusion. Worthy? You be the judge.

It is my contention the letters were originally sent to my grandmother on my father's side in Pennsylvania by the woman of the couple I was fostered to. After my grandmother on my father's side received the letters from India, in that they were addressed to my father, upon collecting the three of them, she simply placed them unopened in the large envelope and mailed them off to my family home in California. The envelope apparently arrived sometime after my mother's death, we moved, and my father disappeared. It was then most likely routinely "returned to sender" via the post office, only later to be found by my uncle when he traveled to Pennsylvania upon the death of his mother. The reason the large manila envelope raises concerns is because when my uncle's son, my first cousin, found it following my uncle's death, it too, had NOT been opened.

Most likely what happened was when the envelope was returned to my grandmother, she knowing what was in it because she was the one who mailed it in the first place, simply threw it into her junk without any need to open it, possibly thinking she would give it to my dad when she saw him. When he never showed up, having the large envelope must have slipped from her mind and she just forgot about it. Then upon her death, after finding the unopened large envelope addressed to my dad, my uncle must have passed it along to him, and of which he never opened it or read the letters either, only to end up in a trunk I delivered to my uncle from my dad in July, 1972. See: