One of the pages I have on the internet follows the adventures of a pilot who, like Lieutenant Stoner in the above sequence, flew for the A.V.G., the American Volunteer Group, otherwise known as the Flying Tigers. However the particular pilot I'm speaking of, long after the Tigers were disbanded, turned rogue and continued to fly his P-40 against the Japanese invaders of Free China throughout the rest of the war. Named Ed Hill but known as the Lone Tiger, he and his story is illustrated by my all time favorite artist-cartoonist, Wally Wood, who by the way, is the same artist that did the Flying Tigers sequence above.

Although both the Lone Tiger and the previously presented Flying Tigers sequence, as well as the P-40s depicted in them, are all drawn and presented in a serious tone, Wood himself was a one-time major cartoonist for Mad Comics. One of Woods' most famous stories, and mine too, just so happened to show up in Mad --- a spoof on Terry and the Pirates called Teddy and the Pirates. Milton Caniff, who himself was famous for drawing Terry and the Pirates had in his mix of characters a woman he called the Dragon Lady. Below Woods draws my all time favorite visual presentation of the Dragon Lady who he calls the Dragging Lady, and of which is drawn not too dissimilar than what I have always visualized her as looking like myself:

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In later years, staying in a similar but serious theme Wood turned his artistic talents toward a person he called The Infamous Madam Toy as shown in the graphic below:

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In 1962 Wood also contributed his creative skills to a series of baseball-like collectable cards called Mars Attacks. As the cards related to me, one of those Mars Attacks collectables played heavily in what I have written about regarding the possibility of a Roswell ray gun. My uncle is said to have found what was for all practicable purposes a hand-held weapon at the Roswell crash site, only to hide it away by burying it some distance up and behind the debris field. Years later when he told me about the existence of such a weapon the first thing I saw in my minds eye was the disintegrator used by the Martians as shown below in the collector series:


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