the Wanderling

"Did showing up at the ashram in the past affect or change the future, and if so, how?"

There are two things that I am knowledgeable about in answer to such queries. First, when I was selected to live with the foster couple while my mother was still alive, but to ill to care for me, the Code-O-Graph I had clearly had a photo of Captain Midnight installed in the square. It has been well established that the Photo-matic Code-O-Graph continued to have a photo of Captain Midnight mounted in the square of the decoder after I arrived and stayed at the ashram with the foster couple. It was only after exchanging photos at the ashram that mine, as a young boy, no longer had a picture of Captain Midnight in it. Under my auspices, as far as my memory was concerned, the Code-O-Graph should have continued to have that exchanged picture of me as a boy in it all the way up to me reaching young adulthood and being drafted into the military, a period of time that encompassed me from just starting school for the very first time clear through to graduation from high school and going into the Army. And it did.

It was only after meeting the boy in the ashram and exchanging photos that the badge I had with me as an adult and left the ashram with no longer had a picture of a young boy in it, but instead clearly had a picture of Captain Midnight mounted in the square, and clearly so, has that same picture of Captain Midnight in it right up to this day.

Looking back now, how I have it figured is, if I had arrived at the ashram at such a time that I would have seen the young boy during the period that his mental barriers had been "reduced to nothingness," as an adult arriving from the present time backward and aware of never having experienced such a state, that is, not recalling it from my youth to a grown man, yet fully aware of the importance of Enlightenment, I would have interceded in some fashion to ensure growing to manhood it wasn't lost.

The easiest way for that to have transpired would to have somehow eliminated the one, primary specific incident that was most directly responsible for the loss --- without disturbing the overall nature of the time-flow. Now, if I could have figured out what that specific incident was on the spot in the ashram at the time or not is another thing. Looking back, that one specific incident would be to ensure the boy knew, no matter what, under NO or any circumstances, was he to get out of the car and open the garage door before his aunt stopped the car and she herself got out.

However, after having become an adult, because of the mitigating circumstances that transpired after I returned from the ashram as a young boy, I couldn't remember or didn't know that event. If such was the case, how would I have been able to intercede in such a manner that I could have warned the boy? Somehow, when I went back to the ashram as an adult, even if I didn't know I needed it, I would still have to have some sort of a surface knowledge of that event in my repertoire in order to put it to use.

The thing is, as an adult having grown up with that portion of my life absent from my memory I didn't remember that as a young boy I visited the ashram, nor while there I was visited by a man who, in the process of that visit we exchanged photos between the Code-O-Graphs. I did know though that somewhere along the way the photos had been switched. Both my younger brother and Adam Osborne, as well as me, noticed in later years the difference. I also knew that the Code-O-Graph had gone missing by the time I returned from India during a period of time when I was a young boy because my uncle found it stored away in a box at his mothers and by then I was no longer a little boy, but a teenager just about ready to graduate from high school.

When I left for India as a little boy the Code-O-Graph had a picture of Captain Midnight in the square. When it was found in a box at my grandmother's it had a picture of a young boy mounted in it. That meant by pure deduction sometime between the time I arrived in India and returned to the states the photo had been changed. I knew both those incidents. What I didn't know was what happened during the time between those two incidents that caused me to not know what happened. I needed to know the specific incident so I could warn the boy. The thing is, I didn't know I needed to know because I didn't know I was going to end up at the ashram and meet the boy until I actually ended up at the ashram. I didn't remember up through to being an adult that as a young boy I met a man at the ashram who I switched photos with. If I would have I would have remembered I was going to the ashram and been prepared to warn the boy. It was only after I returned to the west and learned all of the events that I had all of the information I needed. By then it was too late.

So, the Zen master missed his mark. Ending up at the ashram before the boy entered a "state of having been reduced to nothingness," I didn't know the boy was ever Awakened, so when I returned to my regular present time forward I still didn't know. If by the Zen master's efforts I would have ended up at the ashram during the boy's Enlightened period before Mara interceded, as I have stated above, I still wouldn't have had the knowledge of the specific incident that impacted him adversely, so I couldn't have warned him anyway. If I did have that information and warned him and he followed through with the warning and because of having done so remained Enlightened right up into adulthood, there would have been no reason for the Zen master to have sent me back to intercede.








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