Because of a continuing flow of requests regarding information on Jack Andrews and what credibility he may or not have relative to the Kincaid Cave and it's whereabouts or existence, if at all, the following, below, has been compiled. Most of Andrews' Grand Canyon/Kincaid stuff dates from around 2001-2005 with really not much new or relevant added since then by him or anybody else. As far as I am able to determine, except for people who read my Buddhism In America page, interest in the subject seems to have died on the vine after an initial flurry.

If Andrews himself is still interested or pursuing the matter at any level, given up, or simply moved on to other things is not known. The following link will take you to probably the best presentation of all his materials on the subject:


Of the several links below regarding Andrews, some are up to date and current, others called up from older archived and no longer found under common on-line searches, however, albeit still relevant for those who may be so interested in learning or knowing all they can as to Jack Andrews background. What has been left out is his most recent or current email address. That is for you to ferret out. The first link does have an easily accessible contact form, however, if he responds is somewhat questionable.

As you will find as you go through the links Andrews, an incredibly talented guy, is one of those people who inhabit the desert that gets the very essence of it in their veins and once done, hard to shake loose.


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