Some of you who have emailed the Wanderling recently may have received a response similar to the following:

Because of an unexpected delay in transit, the Wanderling has untrusted me to reply to those emails that I can. If you go to the Staff Page at you will see in the past I assisted the Wanderling as a team member with the no longer active Awakening 101 team.

The Wanderling was in Southeast Asia crossing Myanmar with the intent of staying one night for an early flight out. Unannounced, he and unfamiliar others were placed in an alleged Covid-19 related lock down with passports and all electronic devices confiscated. Initially he had access to someone's satellite phone as well as what he called "an old AOL-like dial up in the back of a noodle shop." Then the military Coup occurred with nobody now having any idea who is in charge. He sustained a broken rib and punctured lung. Although he has his own unorthodox ways of dealing with things, he has to my knowledge, and possibly because of potential or adverse consequences to others, not invoked any. It has been several weeks without contact.

For those of you who may have cited a number of links being down you should find the links restored to full working order. In pure coincidence it so happens the pages some have pointed out just happen to part of my old free "" websites, of which I still had access to.

Anna Jones 05/24/21

NOTE: As most of you know by now AWAKENING 101 is no longer available. In so saying, those who have helped keep it active, in place and up-to-date over the past 10 or 15 years or so are scattering to the four winds and may also no longer be available. As it is, GeoCities has shut down their free website offering and as far as I know those listed below that have websites and AWAKENING 101 pages on GeoCities are just letting them go.

For the most part, although the Wanderling can still be reached, the "101 Team" of designates are no longer monitoring their email on a regular basis, it at all. Anna Jones and The Gate Keeper, fair. Jiji Muge and Zen Nun, not at all. Upaka the Ascetic, who knows?

Also please be advised that I do not, that is DO NOT have any Facebook pages directly attributable back to me in any way, shape or fashion. Any Facebook page implying they are ME or MINE in some manner are done so by others on their own accord and without my sanction. Any poster thereof thinking I will read or respond to posts by anyone are mistaken. I don't go to the pages, I don't read the posts nor do I have any access to respond. Any responses to any posts have not been done by me.

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Assistant to the Wanderling Anna Jones

NOTE: Anna Jones' mail address was still active as of early 2021.

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Assistant to the Wanderling Bhikshuni Nandabala

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NOTE: The above Zen Nun link is no longer active since GeoCities ceased operation. However, the site has been captured and still available --- EXCEPT that many or most of the retrieved site's internal links are no longer active. Please see:

Bhikshuni Nandabala (Zen Nun)

Assistant to the Wanderling Jiji_ Muge

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Assistant to the Wanderling Upaka Ascetic

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Assistant to the Wanderling The Gate Keeper

NOTE:The Gate Keeper's email address was still active as of June 2016. All of his websites, including the one below are no longer available under his old realm-bodhisattva domain name. A large portion of his website pages have, however, been transferred over to Anna Jones or the Wanderling. His Guru list has been terminated. For the best and most updated Guru list on the net please see:


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Fundamentally, our experience as experienced is not different from the Zen master's. Where
we differ is that we place a fog, a particular kind of conceptual overlay onto that experience
and then make an emotional investment in that overlay, taking it to be "real" in and of itself.